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Clean Water Is A Basic Human Right And,

We At URBAN AQUA CARE Strives Forward To Create Awareness

Around The Safe Use Of Water.

Urban Aqua Care

Do you know that water has around 6 parameters upon which its quality depends?  Yes you heard it right. Everyday we use water without knowing anything about it. Water borne diseases cause the global economy to loose $50B on an average along with the countless loss of life. But all of this can be prevented. Better knowledge and source of information can help prevent loss of property and life.

We through Urban Aqua Care aim to achieve just so!

The Problem
  • Inaccessibility to clean water
  • Lack of information on how to clean water for day too day common use. 
The 3 Section Solution
  • Urban Water Quality
  • Water Solutions
  • Water Purpose

Our 3 Sectioned Solution

Urban Water Quality 

As stated above, the water quality is determined through Six Major Aspects Of Water. Knowing Them Helps you understand your water much better.

Water Solution

Ways to purify water.

Water Utility

Different utilities that require huge volume of water like aquarium or pool. We are working to bring out different ways to purify water while you are travelling and camping.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hard Water affect me?

Hard water effects positively if consumed for calcium an magnesium are essential minerals. But hard water on skin and hair are a completely different story. For more information check out our Water Hardness Page.

Why an entire site around Water Quality

Adult Human Body is composed of 60% water. 28% of people do not have access to clean source of water. The cost to live and hence economy is huge. Hence we decided to do something about it and UAC was born.

How accurate are the information on UAC?

We at UAC strive to provide authentic information around water. With online sources we only consult the best such as USGS, Wikipedia and WHO. Our offshore centers help us refine this information. We strive to provide the most accurate information possible but do not take responsibility for those information and advice you to do your own research beside using UAC.

How frequently are the information updated on UAC

The information and content used on UAC official website is updated every Quarter to ensure they are updated and up to the standards.

What People Are Saying About Our Efforts

Jenny K. Martins

I was on a lookout for a website where I could find relevant information about water. With Urban Aqua Care this search was completed. Being a housewife, you are always on the run for clean food and water for your children. This is my one stop for water cleanliness solutions.

John H. Mcfair 

College was smooth until I realized that I was having hair fall. Upon more research I concluded maybe it was water. Not until I was at Urban Aqua Care that I found out the there are so many aspects to water. Now the problem is averted all thanks to UAC.

Karen Simons

I am Blogger by profession and so there are a lot of places I need to travelling to support my profession. With Urban Aqua Care I get all information on how to treat water no matter where I am with a simple internet connection. It makes camping super easy and fun.

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