Water Purpose

Water is the base of all life. We humans use water for a lot of purposes besides basic functions like drinking and cleaning. An average person uses around 50-80 gallons of water per day. At Urban Aqua Care we aim to provide information for water usage both conserving water and providing best quality water. At your home/office you do need good quality water for various purposes like:

  • Aquarium
  • Swimming pool
  • Home filtration
  • Travelling and Camping
  • Office filtration

Aquarium Water Treatment

Aquarium could be just a glass enclosure with few beautiful biotic elements for us. But for the living beings that reside inside it, it is not only home but is the entire environment for them.

Maintaining an aquarium is no easy task. The factors are innumerable to consider. Check out our guide on how to treat your aquarium water.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Maintaining the cleanliness and pH of water used in swimming pool is of utmost importance for personal hygiene and wellness. 

But maintaining something as large as swimming pool requires a lot of efforts and time. Check out our guide on how to test, treat and maintain water in swimming pools.

Travelling and Camping

Man is a social animal. We can't just remain at our home. We need to travel for work and leisure. But even while travelling there are certain things we should take care of.

Water is the most important element to be taken care of. After all who wants to ruin their holidays, right?

Check out how to maintain water even while you travel or camp.